What we offer

The Earlyfeed product range is based on the product lines that were formerly known as Nuscience’s young animal nutrition portfolio.

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Tasteful and soluble milky prestarter
The attractive creep feed for newborn piglets 
The muesli calf feed for optimal early rumen development
The adaptable and protective crumble feed
A complete milk replacer for newborn piglets
Yoghurt for newborn piglets
The flexible prestarter for a smooth transition after weaning
The liquid prestarter range for automated feeders
The superior prestarter for early weaning
The premium prestarter for cost-efficient growth
The reliable prestarter for safety weaning
The essential feed for day-old chicks
High performant concentrates for nursery piglets
The natural enrichment stimulating early gut maturation

Do you want to get things right from the start?

Getting your rearing strategies right early in the production cycle, pays off in the long run.
Together, let’s give the youngest animals everything they need to perform well later in life.