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The reliable prestarter
for safety weaning

Babi®star Safe is a prestarter that focusses on improving the intestinal health and maintaining the growth performance of health-challenged piglets around weaning. The innovative formula of this feed acts as an exogenous defense shield to avoid infections, and at the same time stimulates the piglet’s own, endogenous immune system.

Enriched with Piglet’s flavorit

Babi®star Safe is enriched with our innovatice Piglet’s Flavorit concept. A feed intake solution that considers what the piglet wants and connects maternal recognition and associative learning for a smoother transition. This flavor supports continuous feed intake, aids in reduced stress levels, and helps improve overall welfare and performance.

Main benefits
babi®star Safe

  • Combines health support with excellent growth performances
  • Stimulates the intestinal health and general immunity
  • Results in a reduced need for antimicrobials

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