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The innovative feed intake solution


The feed intake (r)evolution

In recent years, the diet composition for piglets has changed drastically: removal of zinc-oxide, reduction of (or no) antibiotics in the feed, increased use of functional ingredients, etc. Therefore, it is time to reconsider piglet feed intake solutions.

Earlyfeed knows that – just like people – piglets dislike bitter flavors and crave both sweet and savory flavors.

A three way solution

Earlyfeed’s innovative feed intake solution consists of three pillars:

  • The appealing aroma is designed to resemble the piglet’s mother, enticing it to the feed.
  • The use of an attractive taste will increase the palatability of the feed to support continious intake.
  • The use of natural sweeteners makes Piglet’s Flavorit a future-proof concept.

By combining maternal recognition and associative learning, piglets can achieve smoother transitions. This results in continiuous feed intake, reduced stress levels, and improved overall welfare and performance.

Main benefits
PIGLET’S Flavorit

  • Unique intake approach
  • Future – proof
  • Supports continuous feed intake
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