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The liquid prestarter range for automated feeders

Excellent liquid prestarters are essential to overcome the insufficient colostrum and milk availability for large litters. With Babi®mel Care, we introduce a range of liquid prestarters that harmonize the need to provide a high dry matter intake with the technical requirements of an automated liquid feeding system. The specific crumble structure of Babi®mel Care ensures optimal solubility and mixing properties. The porridge is very stable, so all nutrients are optimally distributed, ensuring optimal health and performance and a smooth transition to the weaning diet.

Enriched with Piglet’s Flavorit

Babi®mel Care is enriched with our innovative Piglet’s Flavorit concept. A feed intake solution that considers what the piglet wants and connects maternal recognition and associative learning for a smoother transition. This flavor supports continuous feed intake, aids in reduced stress levels, and helps improve overall welfare and performance.

Babi®mel Care

Babi®mel Care I offers 2-10 day-old piglets the ideal complement to sow milk. Rich in lactose, milk proteins and coconut oil-based fat, it is a tasty and highly digestible energy source. Babi®mel Care I supports early gut maturation and health.

Babi®mel Care II gently introduces well-digestible starch and proteins, organic minerals, pre- and probiotics to the 10-18-day-old piglet’s intestinal tract. This ensures the maturation of the intestinal tract and stimulates the production of endogenous enzyme secretion for optimal results.

Babi®mel Care III prepares the piglets for weaning from 18 days onwards. Ensuring a high dry matter intake, the feed contains extra antioxidants and an optimal blend of MCFA’s in order to protect the piglets against intestinal disorders. Offered in dry form in a separate bowl, Babi®mel Care III will smoothen the transition to dry feed.

Main benefits

  • Excellent solubility
  • Optimal pumpability
  • Flexible range
  • High dry matter intake
  • Highly digestible raw materials
  • Optimal intestinal preparation
  • Safe & smooth weaning

Want to know more?

Enriched with START+ for an earlier gut maturation

Babi®mel Care is enriched with our innovative START+ concept. START+ contains active components especially designed to give piglets a head start in life. It promotes maturation of the underdeveloped intestinal tract of newborn piglets and will contribute to a healthy piglet right from the start.

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