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Tasteful and soluble milky prestarter

Genetic selection leading to increased litter size results in lower piglet birth weight and less developed piglets. As immunity originating from the sow, the so called passive immunity is rapidly decreasing, the piglets need to develop their immunity and gastrointestinal tract faster than ever. Babi®mel Grow, a milky prestarter, has been created to ease the transition from sow milk and dairy-based milk replacers to the weaning diet. Babi®mel Grow is highly palatable and especially developed to use in automated milk feeding systems.

Enriched with START+
for an earlier gut maturation

Babi®mel Grow is enriched with our innovative START+ concept. START+ contains active components especially designed to give piglets a head start in life. It promotes maturation of the underdeveloped intestinal tract of newborn piglets and will contribute to a healthy piglet right from the start.

Main benefits

  • Optimal supplement next to sow milk
  • Combination of highly digestible dairy- and plant-based ingredients
  • Actively supports intestinal health and development
  • Long-lasting homogeneity
  • Suitable for use in automatic milk feeders or manual application

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