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The attractive creep feed for newborn piglets 

Creating the maximum number of eaters before weaning is essential for successful and healthy weaning. Babito® is an attractive creep feed that effectively leads to a higher percentage of early eaters. It stimulates an earlier and higher feed intake in newborn piglets, results in a stronger growth and development of their gastrointestinal tract, and improves the piglets’ immunity. 

Enriched with START+ 
for an earlier gut maturation 

Babito® is enriched with our innovative START+ concept. START+ contains active components especially designed to give piglets a head start in life. It promotes maturation of the underdeveloped intestinal tract of newborn piglets and will contribute to a healthy piglet right from the start. Piglets fed with Babito® show a better development of the villi and an improved ratio of beneficial intestinal bacteria over pathogenic bacteria. In this way the piglets are optimally prepared for the future weaning process. 

Main benefits of Babito®

  • Higher percentage of eaters before weaning 
  • Early solid feed intake 
  • Enriched with START+ to stimulate GIT development 
  • More uniform litters and a higher weaning weight 
  • An optimal preparation for a smooth weaning 

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