Calves have an enormous genetic potential to produce large amounts of milk or to grow fast and efficiently in case of beef animals. Unlocking this potential often comes down to maximizing growth in the first weeks of life. Stimulating efficiency right from the start is a huge opportunity for dairy and beef farmers to obtain higher revenues by accelerating calf rearing.

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On average, it takes a dairy calf 24 months from birth until first calving. Until that moment, the calf is a cost for the farmer. Speeding up this growth process helps to maximize efficiency and optimize profitability. Rapid growth of calves results in earlier insemination. Additionally, accelerated calf rearing often leads to better growth and a more efficient milk production. 


Our research into the ruminants’ unique and complex digestive system has shown that early rumen development is a mechanism that can act as powerful engine for growth. Based on this knowledge, Earlyfeed has developed specific nutritional solutions for calves to quickly maximize their energy supply, resist to common pathogens, and reduce the classical post-weaning growth dip.

“The faster the rumen is developed, the earlier a large capacity for absorbing nutrients is available.”

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