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World Poultry Congress 2022

07 - 11 August 2022

The French branch of WPSA has the great pleasure to invite you for the 26th WPC in Paris. After WPC2016 in Beijing, we are now preparing to welcome you all in Paris for WPC2021.

Agriculture in general, and livestock in particular, are facing major challenges in the near future. The poultry sector has major assets to meet the expectation of the world population, provided that it can anticipate changes needed for sustainable production systems. Our ambition is that WPC2022 brings a major contribution to these challenges for the benefit of the world population.

Our ambition is to prepare an affordable congress to attract a large number of participants from all over the world. We will give a special consideration to the Mediterranean and African Poultry Networks, by offering them the possibility of holding specific satellite symposiums and we plan to organise a symposium with FAO. As usual for a WPC, the program will include an exhibition for companies within the Congress Centre and we will offer a Youth program as well as a Young Scientist program. We will plan the scientific program to make it highly interactive and interdisciplinary. Finally, you can expect an attractive social program and excellent food.

Click here to see the program of this congress.

We will participate at this congress from 7th until 11th of August 2022 in Paris, France

Zbilansowane żywienie młodych zwierząt  

Opracowanie strategii zrównoważonego żywienia na wczesnym etapie cyklu produkcyjnego, jest opłacalne w ujęciu długoterminowym.
Wspólnie dajmy nowo narodzonym zwierzętom wszystko to, czego potrzebują.

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