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Nourishing young animals adequately is essential in order to obtain good zootechnical and economical performances. The birth process followed by intensive handling induces a lot of stress to the young animal, no matter if it’s a piglet, a calf or a chick. The right housing and providing or giving access to the necessary nutrients are crucial in order to cope with this. Although nature provides the young animals, via the colostrum or the yolk, with the necessary nutrients to survive, feeding the young animals additionally with the proper nutrients is essential to stimulate the intestinal development. The intestine being the first line defense in disease prevention and responsible for nutrient efficiency.


Opposite to other species, birds have the advantage to have a nutritional storage in their body, the remaining of the yolk sac. But also unlike other species in professional animal husbandry, the birds, no matter if it are chickens or turkeys, usually have no access to feed immediately after birth. Including hatching, grading, sorting, storage and transport it can take 24 up to 72 hours until day old chicks are placed at the farms. These circumstances make it obvious, why an early feeding in the poultry house is extremely relevant and important for their later development.

Besides these external stressors, the young birds have to face a harsh change in nutrition after hatch. While the yolk basically consists of fats and proteins in poultry specific molecules, the bird is later confronted with mostly plant based fats, proteins and, of course, a lot of starch.

right from the start

The objective is to build the link between the maternal/intrinsic nutrition of the young animal and the later feed supply. We want the birds to eat as soon as possible to have a good and early GIT development. This offers the potential for a very high and efficient performance during the production cycle. To achieve the genetic performance potential it is crucial to create the basis to obtain the adequate body development. This starts right from the beginning.

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Getting your rearing strategies right early in the production cycle, pays off in the long run.
Together, let’s give the youngest animals everything they need to perform well later in life.

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