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Meet Ike Chi Foon Ng, a seasoned professional in the livestock industry with over 17 years of experience. With a Veterinary Degree and a Master’s Degree in Veterinary Science (Aquatic Science), Ike has been making waves in the Southeast Asian livestock industry since 2004. Currently serving as the Regional Commercial Manager for Agrifirm (Nuscience Sg), he oversees operations across Taiwan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. With so much experience, we asked Ike to share his thoughts on how Earlyfeed is helping farming in his region.

In recent years, we have seen major changes affecting swine producers worldwide, and pig producers in Southeast Asia (SEA) are not exempt. Some of the tough challenges swine producers have to face here are geopolitical issues that are raising the costs of raw materials, as well as the African Swine Fever outbreak. With these and other challenges, the swine population here is heavily impacted.

Though there is a strong demand for pork, there is also a high cost of production. This means there needs to be protection for the farmers’ investments and the right support for the growth of the pigs on the farm. The first weeks are one of the most crucial periods in the pig’s life, as they are fragile and exposed to many diseases. Therefore, supporting farmers’ investment and future production through young animal nutrition is critical.

Supporting sows

Earlyfeed experts can help many of our pig farmers here (in SEA) by providing excellent nutrition to the farrowing and lactating sows. This nutritional benefit is then passed down to the piglets through the sow’s colostrum and milk. It is well known that colostrum is important in protecting piglets from diseases—like Classical Swine Fever, Aujezsky’s Disease, Porcine Circovirus, PRRS, and other diseases—via the transfer of antibodies from vaccinations the sows received. After colostrum, sows milk contains the nutrients—such as proteins and sugars—essential for the piglet to grow fast and healthy. However, due to heat and humidity, the challenge for sows is to produce enough milk volume in the tropical countries of SEA. Therefore, it is important to provide them with feed that helps to improve milk quality and production. In this respect, we see that the investment with Earlyfeed solutions in the farrowing sows brings value to the 14 piglets in the pen.

Welcoming weaning

The optimal selection of raw materials in Earlyfeed products helps with proper digestion in young piglets. This will reduce the incidence of nutritional scours and favors gastrointestinal health, which leads to healthier piglets. We have noticed that with the weaning program, piglets have better growth rates and, thus, have a better weaning weight. Studies show heavier and faster-growing piglets lead to more efficient grower-finisher pigs.

There are many challenges in SEA right now, and also in the near future, that are beyond the control of pig producers. However, the things that are in their control include how the pigs are being raised. This is where Earlyfeed plays a pivotal role in helping our pig farmers in SEA. We help them achieve better results and performance.

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